Dunham Bush


Dunham-Bush is one of the biggest commercial air conditioning companies with a global network of sales and service offices. The brand has long been committed to offering clean and green heating and cooling systems to meet the specific air-conditioning needs of the customers.

As a company that does business with the environment in mind, it makes sense that we offer a complete range of green heating and cooling systems to ensure a cleaner and greener future. Our range of energy efficient, clean energy products include green HVAC/R heating and cooling systems, large chillers, heat pumps, thermal energy storage, airside systems; and unitary to residences, commercial buildings & industrial facilities


Product & Service Innovation

Design , Execution & Service. Any application that requires cooling , Ventilation , Air-Conditioning

Energy Efficient & Return on Investment Solution

Our company ensures that you get what you're paying for

High Quality & Durable Lifecycle

We guarantee highest quality of workmanship & deliver best design, consultancy in the Industry with a Guarantee

We hold our work to the highest expectations

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