Customised Air Conditioning Unit

Customised Air Conditioning Unit :

We are offered to the customers. We provide excellent after-sales services to the clients to attain their maximum level of satisfaction. Moreover, we offer the facility of customisation to the clients. We follow rigid quality control norms while selecting and assembling the components. Moreover, installation services are executed by a team of qualified & experienced mechanics, engineers and other experts.


Funnel AC

I have a portable air conditioner similar to the one in the picture below. I want to direct the output flow through a small duct system to the feet of people sitting on a large table. Can I just tape a large fabric funnel on around the blades of the unit and into my duct system?

Flameproof AC

The utilization of Flame Proof Air Conditioners can be noticed in different sectors that include pharmaceutical, petroleum plant, chemical processing and fertilizer production. Accessible in 0.5 ton to 5 ton capacities, the offered air conditioners are convenient to install. The flameproof control panel of these cooling equipments simplifies their installation process in hazardous area. The precise design of these air conditioners helps to avoid fire caused by malfunction of thermostat or electric spark or transformer failure in control circuit. Energy efficient cooling technique, trouble free functioning, compact shape and accessibility in II A, II B and II C flame proof standards are some of the unique features of these Flame Proof Air Conditioners.

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

The air handling unit (AHU) is the heart of central air conditioning. It collects outside air and room air, removes dust and other particles from the collected air, adjusts the temperature and humidity and then supplies comfortable and refreshing air-conditioned air into the rooms through ducts.

Treated Fresh Air unit (TFA)

Treated Fresh Air Units provide a complete solution for Ventilation, to maintain good IAQ and Energy Savings in a single Unit. Incorporating the highest recovery Enthalpy Wheels, EcoFresh, these units are ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Offices, Airports, Educational Institutes, Pharma facilities, Cold Storages, in fact, all the air-conditioned areas. The Units are in modular construction with options to add modules for heating, cooling, humidification, high-efficiency particulate filters, gas phase filters, sound attenuation, mixing, etc.

Air Washer & Scrubber

Air Washer Simply used for cleaning and cooling the warm and moist air that enters into these systems to a level where it meets dew point when come in contact with refrigerated water. These units help in minimizing the moisture content of air and making them fresh from its actual content. The spray or liquid bath in these washers helps in decreasing the soluble impurities and particles.

Air Cooler

Air coolers take in hot water, pass it through wet absorbent pads, and cool the air. You have to fill them up to the capacity with water to be able to use them. On the other hand, air conditioners use a chemical coolant to condition the air and alter its temperature.